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Hooks Rides Day August 19

August 19, 2017 Gill Aviation Open House - David Wayne Hooks Airport - Spring TX


Come see the B-17 Flying Fortress "Texas Raiders"  along with her Warbird friends at Gill Aviation, David Wayne Hooks Airport on Saturday August 19, 2017. Tours and rides from 10 AM until 4 PM. 

Attending aircraft will be:


SB2C Helldiver


Tour, touch or fly in the world's only flying Curtiss SB2C, the final purpose-built dive-bomber to enter the Navy inventory during WWII.  The carrier-based dive bomber replaced the Douglas SBD Dauntless in US Navy service. The Helldiver was a troubled beast, and often bore the brunt of derisive jokes from its crews. When called upon, however, the aircraft and its committed crews were capable of making an impact on history. During the battle of the Philippine Sea, for example, the U.S. counterattack launched 51 Helldivers as the backbone of that mission. Take a seat in the tail-gunner position on the Helldiver! Scroll down to book a ride.


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