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Tyler 2019

Tyler Warbird Expo Weekend, July 4-7, 2019 Featuring Texas Raiders B-17, B-25 Devil Dog, A-26 Night Mission, and more

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It’s been over 70 years since the US Army Air Force lifted into the air to create the largest air armada ever to fill the skies during World War II, but on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, and Sunday July 4, 5, 6 and 7 seven rare WWII warbirds will be roaring over Tyler, Texas.

The flight into Tyler Regional Airport will be led by Texas Raiders – the famed B-17 Flying Fortress heavy bomber. Of the 12,731 B-17’s built across the US, only nine are currently flying— and Texas Raiders bristles with authentic machine guns and period-specific equipment. Joining her will be the powerful B-25 Mitchell bomber Devil Dog, the famous T-6 Texan Ace in the Hole, and the ferocious A26 attack aircraft Night Mission. Also on the tarmac will the notorious SB2C dive-bomber Helldiver, the only one of its kind flying in the world today. Attendees will enjoy the bright yellow bi-plane Yellow Peril that offers an open-cockpit experience, and the crisp Navy blue JRB Little Raider that can seat a family of five! All the aircraft are notable for their historic importance and level of restoration, and together offer a seldom seen look into America’s aviation history. All seven aircraft will also be performing in the Thunder Over Cedar Creek Airshow on the evening of July 6.

Tours of the aircraft are available to the public as is the opportunity to ride in all the aircraft.  Beginning at 1:00 PM on July 4 and at 10:00 AM July 5, 6 and 7 the public can visit the aircraft and take on-board tours that include commentary from crew members. Admission to the event includes full access to the Historic Aviation Memorial Museum http://www.tylerhamm.com/ .  Attendees who want the ultimate Living History Flight Experience can make a reservation now for one of the limited number of 25-minute flights on the aircraft.

Special thanks to the Historical Aviation Memorial Museum for hosting Warbird Expo.  Click here for the HAMM website




Additional aircraft will be:

 B-25, Devil Dog

Few people knew that the Marines flew bombers in the Pacific Theater in WWII. The medium bombers were bristling with guns and were used for "night heckling", anti-shipping missions or close air support of beachheads and landings. See one of the few surviving B-25's in Marine PBJ configuration.


 To book a ride on Devil Dog, please click on  Devil Dog Rides

A-26 Night Mission

A 26 NoseArtsmall


The A-26 Invader was the fastest U.S. twin-engined bomber inWorld War II and was built by the Douglas Aircraft Co. The Invader is the only bomber to serve in three wars: World War II, Korea, and Vietnam. Flying from 1944–1965, the A-26 light attack bomber flew many night interdiction missions. The Invaders carried 14 .50 caliber machine guns and 2,000 lbs of bombs. 

The Commemorative Air Force A-26 Invader Squadron honor and depict the plane flown by Captain John S. Walmsley Jr., who was awarded the Medal of Honor in the Korean War and represents the 8th Bombardment (Liberty) Squadron. The A-26 is the fastest plane in the CAF as part of the living history flying experience. Scroll down for online booking.


When you take flight you will feel the power of the R2600-20 radial engine’s 1900 horse power as you sit in the gunner’s seat. This is an assault on your senses and an experience you will never forget. Reserve your ride today on the battleship destroyer! The “BEAST” is ready and waiting for you. Scroll down for online booking.


 Ride the C-45/Twin Beech "Little Raider"

c 45littleraider

 Experience the magic in the sky with a flight on the Commemorative Air Force twin engine Beech 18.  Painted in Navy colors and sporting an Admiral’s stars, the Twin Beech seats five passengers in cozy comfort as she lifts into the sky.  Want the view from the cockpit?  The co-pilot’s seat is available, as well as four cushy leather seats in the cabin. Children age five and over are welcome when accompanied by an adult. Each flight is approximately 20 minutes in the air, and includes a safety briefing and photo opportunity with the pilot.  

Seats in the cabin: $100 each

Co-pilot seat: $150

Book the whole airplane: $500 (that's a 10% discount. Call for discount)

NOTE: 4 seats must be sold for the flight to go

To purchase a ride call 1-855-FLY-A-B17 (1-855-359-2217) or reserve on line at www.B17TexasRaiders.org or use the form below


T6 Texan Ace in the Hole

Take off in the legendary trainer of WWII. Thousands of our aviators were taught how to fly in the T6 "Texan". This is a true warbird ride that will take you back 50 years.



N3N Navy Trainer Yellow Peril

See Austin from the open cockpit of the classic bi-plane trainer.



Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call Tammi Lockwood at 936-697-3238 to book a ride on one of the trainers.


Please use this form to book your B-17 flight


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