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Your B-17 Flight single

Tour Texas Raiders

Typically, Texas Raiders, an authentically restored B-17 Flying Fortress Bomber tours the U.S. from March to November.

For a nominal $5 tax-deductible donation ($3 Children) you can tour Texas Raiders.

There is no better way to learn about history and WWII than to climb into a B-17 Bomber:

  • See the flight deck where the Pilot, Co-pilot, and Flight Engineer work
  • Shimmy across the catwalk in the bomb bay to the radio room
  • See and touch authentic radio and morse code equipment in the Radio Room
  • Climb around the ball turret into the waist section
  • Look down the sight of two (2) .50 caliber machine guns.... You can almost see the enemy's aircraft approaching... FIRE! FIRE!

Check the Flight Schedule to find a tour location near you.

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